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They say that image is everything – and with his Billabong hoodie and red sneakers, new artist Cjay is already stamping his unique stylistic authority on the music industry.

Cjay was born and bred in ‘surfer’s paradise’- Jeffries Bay. Since starting his career in 2002, he has performed to crowds of over 10000 people. His popular style has been classed with the likes of Will Smith, Eminem and 50cent.

Cjay’s passion for hip hop stems from his childhood years, and influences stretch from R Kelly to his own mother! Cjay’s catchy lyrics reflect his message of hope and acceptance especially for the youth of South Africa.

His 3rd and latest album- ‘THE REVOLUTION’ – is an eclectic mix of R&B, hip-hop and rap (even in Afrikaans!), making the album a perfect mix of genres that appeals to more than just a youth market. The album also contains several slower tracks, delivered with Cjay’s unique style, and showing just how talented he really is!

It took Cjay almost a year to finish the album and when asked about what he thought of it, he said: “I can definitely say that this is my best work to date. It was worth all the time I spent on it because this album rocks! If you are an R&B or hip-hop fan, you’ll dig this new album. This is music that ‘represents’ 100%.” The production on the album is world class, but more than that, from the first note, Cjay portrays a readiness to challenge any perceptions of “just another artist” producing “just another album.”

Cjay is an artiste who is ready to break down the barriers of culture and to challenge his audience “to listen outside the box”. Cjay’s live performances are so explosive that he has even had purple haired grannies jiving and getting down to his tunes!

With the new album out, Cjay continues to promote it with larger than life shows across S.A. He wants to give his audience a concert experience that ‘will go with them’, influencing their everyday lives with his message.


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